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Welcome to the newest section of our website, the PetEdge Groomer Learning Center. We're building this section because we are committing our resources to helping groomers, and those that want to be groomers, by providing informative articles, guides, links, videos, and more. Watch this section grow!

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If you're trying to navigate the world of grooming products, turn to PetEdge's comprehensive pet grooming guides to help walk you through the basics of setting up shop. Discover the benefits of different types of grooming tables; or the difference between straight, curved or thinning shears. You'll also find our up-to-date dryer guide with the anatomy of a dryer; or the varying types of grooming shampoo options. We also carry a detailed clipper and blades guide, and more. Make the most informed decision for your grooming needs.

Grooming Schools

Paragon School of Pet Grooming

(616)677 7297

Founded by grooming industry icon, Melissa Verplank, Paragon is focused on the success and career development of pet professionals at all levels, beginner to expert. Melissa has authored the industry’s most complete grooming guides such as Notes from the Grooming Table and Theory of 5. Paragon offers grooming education at its On-Campus training center in Michigan. It also brings the on-campus experience to everyone through its Distance Learning Program and Paragon is regarded as one of the best grooming schools in the world. Ms. Verplank and her team have created award winning platforms with traditional education programs and web-based learning tools.